The Handel Festival Japan (HFJ) started in 2003 and aims to offer a wide range of Handel work from vocal music to instrumental music conclusively and continuously. HFJ is also dedicated to correct the "perception of Handel" which has always been biased to "MESSIAH", and to bring the real attraction of Handel work into clarity, which is filled with direct and dramatic expressions.
Opening Period, Time and Venue
During a few days in December every year, various events are to be held in Hamarikyu Asahi Hall, Tokyo, the main venue.
Management Organization
 HFJ Committee is in charge of planning and management. Members are as follows:
Chairman : Toshiki Misawa
    Professor Emeritus in Hokkaido University of Education (Musicologist, Specialist on Handel and his work).
Committee member: Hirohisa Tsuji
    Professor in Tamagawa Academy & University (Tenor)
Committee member: Akane Nakanishi
    Professor in Miyagi Gakuin Women's University (Composer)
Committee member: Yasuko Kawamura
    Musicologist, Doctor
Administrator: Mika Misawa
Selecting Music
HFJ''s philosophy is to prioritize the selection of Handel's work which hasn't had a chance to be performed in Japan before. Therefore, we are not focusing on just payment and profitability, and do not intend to select those works expected to collect a good stable number of audiences such as "MESSIAH". Instead, we are going to adopt Handel's work that may not be well-known and yet is full of the real fascination, so that we can better introduce and increase the popularity of his work. Also, yearly we will be selecting a new theme for the festival.
Cooperation between Researchers and Performers
HFJ is focusing on "the ideal unification of research and performance". We are planning to introduce the latest results of research on Handel's music and the Baroque music into the actual performance directly. On the other hand, our performance will not be just any performance to present our research findings, but the performance with passion and high quality. It is because we believe that results of research will gain persuasive power when they are given in the high quality performances.
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