Handel Festival Japan





The decline of a nation mirrored in a mother‘s love for her peccant son – this is the subject of one of Handel’s most dramatic oratorios.
When the hand of God writes „Mene Mene Tekel Uparsin“ on the wall, Belshazzar, the king of Babylon, knows that his egomoniacal, hedonistic reign will end soon.
His mother, Nitocris, sways between the deepest love for her son and the awareness that the Persian commander Cyrus will conquer Babylon with the help of Daniel, leader of the Jewish people.

A flop in Handel’s days (Belshazzar was only performed three times in 1745 and then again in 1751 and 1758), the oratorio has long since been recognised as a masterpiece of lively characterisation and complex dramaturgy unexpectedly pushing forward even in the realm of musical comedy, e. g. in the portrait of a king getting drunk.
As an intoxicating allegory for the abuse of power by an unscrupulous elite Belshazzar is a work of art of timeless topicality and beauty.

Again the international Handel community is most grateful that Professor Toshiki Misawa and his specialists for historical performance practice will present the miracle of this Handelian masterpiece to a broader audience in Japan.
It is a great pleasure and honor for me as the president of the International Handel Society, located in Handel’s birthplace Halle, to wish all the best for the lecture and performances during the 2016 edition of the Handel Festival Japan.Ad multos annos!

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hirschman Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hirschman
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hirschmann

President of the Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Gesellschaft e. V., Internationale Vereinigung
Chair of the Department of Musicology, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
President of the International Handel Society, Halle (Saale)



ヘンデルの奇跡的傑作が音楽史研究に基づく上演を実践する三澤寿喜氏と専門家集団によって日本の幅広い聴衆の皆様に紹介されることは、世界中のヘンデル関係者にとって大変喜ばしいことであります。ヘンデル生誕の地ハレに拠点を構える国際ヘンデル協会の会長として、ヘンデル・フェスティバル・ジャパンによる2016年度の講演会と公演のご成功を心より祈念いたします。Ad multos annos! そして今後も末永くご活躍を!

大学教授・音楽学博士 ヴォルフガング・ヒルシュマン ドイツ、マルティン・ルター大学ハレ 音楽学科長 ハレ、国際ヘンデル協会会長

委員: 河村泰子(音楽学、ヘンデル研究、東京音楽大学付属高等学校講師)